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First week of 2017 and it seems we already have the year’s latest buzzword/craze. I must have received about 5 emails about getting hygge this week. Hygge is a Danish word pronounced ‘hue-gah’ or ‘hoo-guh’ (I’m still none the wiser). In a nut shell it describes the mood that comes from taking great pleasure in the ordinary and every day, indulging in the good but simple things in your life. Do you ever just sit with a coffee in a morning and breathe it in?  Then savouring the sacred moment as caffeine enters your blood stream; enjoying its warmth around your hands and the smell in your nostrils and a massive smile on your face… that’s hygge.

Danish winters are long, dark and cold (also sounds like a Mancunian one) so I guess Danes centre socialising on staying indoors where its cosy and warm. January is well documented as being the most depressing month of the year but I hate how that idea is forced upon us. Sure, we’re all skint, feel guilty for over indulging and are bored at the prospect of what feels like permanent freezing night-time, never the less there’s so much joy to be had in January.

I’ve had a fantastic start to 2017, I feel happy and positive about the year ahead. The start of a new year is always a perfect time to press reset; I’ve spent this first week focusing on the things that put a smile on my face every day. Those little moments of joy every day that we take for granted.

My hygge over the last few days include -

Dining in - skint and having over indulged, I’ve come home from work to spend time cooking up my favourite dinners - healthy but comforting.

Slippers – I was bought a rather cosy pair of shearling slippers for Christmas, there really is no greater feeling than kicking off my heels at the end of the day and sliding my tootsies into these bad boys.

Long hot soak – I’ve been hitting the gym quite hard this week so taking a long hot soak in a deep, bubbly bath to sooth my aching muscles was bliss.

Friends – It was a good friend’s birthday this week so I spent a lovely evening laughing and celebrating with some of my favourite ladies.

Bed time – 9:30pm is a perfectly acceptable bed time for an adult I don’t care what you say! I’m the worst for staying up late but this week I’ve made a point of switching off early and its felt great.

Not taking for granted the simple good things in my life have put a smile on my face has made me feel very hygge and ready to take on the rest of January.


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