Quite simply Felicity means the state of being happy, especially in high degree, bliss. I am Lizzy, I'm 31 years old, single, have a good job and own my own home. I have amazing family and friends. Not much to complain about, but I have to admit that I'm not always happy. I get stressed, I don't sleep well, I sometimes feel lonely and that I'm find myself comparing myself too much to other people my age and thinking I'm not achieving what I should be.

The intent of this blog is to promote happiness and well being. There's so much pressure on us to juggle family, friends, work, home and sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming. That's OK. What's not OK is that we don't talk about it, we are expected to just cope and for some people like me, cope alone.

Through personal experience and research the aim of Felicity is to help find ways to live a happier life, and create a community of support for people who are perhaps on a journey to happiness.

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Lizzy Holroyd